Public Adjuster and Complete Claim Management Services

Public Adjuster, Insurance Claim Appraisal, and Umpire Services

Our highly-experienced residential and commercial Public Adjuster will be your single point-of-contact, sorting out all the details, answering all your questions, guiding you through the procedure and leaving you free to get on with your life. We’ll take over your complete claims process.

Founded by Mr. McLoughlin in 1997, we’ve had over 20 years’ experience in helping insureds. In short, we take responsibility for everything, from start to finish. And it’s never too late to contact us. We can take over even if you’ve already started to make your claim, or if you’re unhappy with the settlement you’ve received. 

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Professional Services

The last thing you want is to have to negotiate with expert people acting for the insurers. You really need help, support, and experience that works for you. We have managed to get payment for many claims when it was thought that all was lost. Get in touch with us NOW to discuss your problems. Never give up! 

Call Toll Free 773 497 2856.

Public Adjuster Insurance Claim Appraisal and Umpire Service.

Comprehensive Programs

PCL will notify the insurance company if the insured has not done so already. 
PCL will provide guidance to source contractors to locate and or stop leaks etc. 
PCL will advise and guide the insured through the entire process. 
PCL will arrange an interim payment for alternate accommodation costs if required.
PCL will advise businesses how to stay in operation and best options following a loss. 
PCL will compile the entire claim for buildings, contents, consequential loss and increased costs of working etc. while avoiding the insured requiring to find quotes. 

Amazing Claims Results

Where do we deliver the most? In our client’s results. We’ve worked with companies from single-person startups to Fortune 500 executives and everything in between. We provide a guarantee that if you do not receive a settlement, you don’t pay.

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