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When Should I Hire a Public Adjuster?

Article by Neal Mcloughlin

The best time to seek assistance from a Public Adjuster is at the very start of the claim. Even before the claim is made you may want a free inspection, a no obligation review of the damage to your property to ensure that you actually have a valid claim. Many times, homeowners and property owner do not fully understand their policy. And they can mistakenly make a claim that will either not be paid and denied outright, or they will not meet their deductible and therefore receive no monetary compensation for the loss. Continue reading “When Should I Hire a Public Adjuster?”

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How to select a Qualified Appraiser?

Article by Neal Mcloughlin


Well obviously, choose me!

But lets just for argument say I am busy and you need to select proper representation in Appraisal. Here is what you should look for.

We all know or should at this point if you have been reading my blog. As one source put me to sleep with “The insurance appraisal process for property claims can be an effective and efficient way for insurance claim disputes to be settled. Choosing an unbiased independent appraiser to represent your claim will be the most important choice during the appraisal process. Your selection should be strategically and carefully considered because it could mean the difference between having enough money to rebuild and restore your property, or not. ” Thanks C3, actually good guys.

OK, wake up time. We get it if you pick the wrong Appraiser, you just flushed your money and more important time down the drain. But on the upside, you gave some money to an unemployed public adjuster who was a friend of your adjuster. That’s something, I guess if you are into charity. Continue reading “How to select a Qualified Appraiser?”

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What is Appraisal???

Article by Neal McLoughlin

As an insurance contractor you should know.

Well, sit back here is everything you need to know, for starters.

Appraisal is defined by the International Risk Management Institute Inc out of Dallas, Texas as “Appraisal Clause — property insurance provision allowing either the insurer or the insured to demand a binding appraisal of damaged property in the event of a dispute as to its value and establishing the required appraisal procedure. A few jurisdictions now allow either party to reject the demand for appraisal, as evidenced in state amendatory endorsements for commercial property policies, homeowners policies, or both. Allowing the insurer to reject an insured’s demand for appraisal is disadvantageous for insureds.”

That’s the boring part. Continue reading “What is Appraisal?”

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What Does a Public Adjuster Do?

Article by Neal McLoughlin 


Well before I answer that question, it is first necessary to explain all the participants and represented parties connected with an Insurance Claim. You have the insured who purchased the insurance policy to safe guard their property and contents from any damage that might occur. You have the producer or agent that sold the insured the policy. The agent can be either captive or independent. You have the In- House claims adjuster not required to be licensed or certified or bonded or insured. You have an independent adjuster who is called independent because they can work for a variety of insurance carriers but never for the benefit of the insured homeowner or property owner. And finally, you have the Public Adjuster who is required to show a level of competency by sitting for and passing a state licensure, keeping updated by attending mandator trainings and demonstrating the continuing ducatoon that they have attained every 2 years and finally being required to have ethics training, something that the staff adjuster and most independent adjusters are not required to do. As well as being Bonded.

Continue reading “What Does a Public Adjuster Do?”