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When Should I Hire a Public Adjuster?

Article by Neal Mcloughlin

The best time to seek assistance from a Public Adjuster is at the very start of the claim. Even before the claim is made you may want a free inspection, a no obligation review of the damage to your property to ensure that you actually have a valid claim. Many times, homeowners and property owner do not fully understand their policy. And they can mistakenly make a claim that will either not be paid and denied outright, or they will not meet their deductible and therefore receive no monetary compensation for the loss.

The best time to contact a Public Adjuster is immediately after a storm fire, water damage event has occurred. They do not charge to review the claim and you are under no obligation. Also, you do not want to mis speak and damage your claim by using non-technical language that may be taken out of context. For example, I had a client who had water back up in their home causing a large loss to their property. They reported it as flood. Ok you may think no problem. Well, it was a very big problem as they did not have flood insurance and more importantly, they did not suffer from flood damage!

Look you do not do your own medical procedures, you seek a licensed medial professional, You do not do your own dental procedures you seek help for a qualified dental professional. Why then would you assume the risk and liability of doing your own insurance claim, better to seek the advice and services of a claims professional. A Public Adjuster stands ready to assist you and be an advocate for your biggest investment and possession your home or property.


About the author Mr. Neal McLoughlin is a licensed Public Adjuster in multiple states and has handled claims for over 20 years. He holds several professional designations and certifications from a variety of professional organizations. He is the founder of Property Claims Loss and sits on the Executive Board of the Appraisal and Umpire Association. He can be reached at (773) 497-2856 or via email at LossAssist@gmail.com or Neal@PropertyClaimsLoss.com

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